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Inspirasian Press LLC

Publisher of Notes on the State of America

A Compilation of Less Commonly Discussed Facts and Historical Events

The book in a special political science window display
at one of San Francisco's literary institutions City Lights Bookstore.

Notes on the State of America (ISBN 0-9743882-0-3, 978-0974388205)
is now available at many of the top San Francisco Bay Area
independent bookstores, and is also now available
through the larger chain booksellers as well as other
fine independent booksellers nationwide and internationally.

The book is in every branch and bookmobile in the
San Francisco library system, as well as in other
college and high school libraries and text bookstores.
It is now being utilized in college curriculum;
the first began in January 2004.

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About the Book

If you want to better understand America's true history and learn critical facts relevant to today's global problems and challenges, this book is for you.

In an easily readable format, this book is an outstanding primer containing critically important historical events and facts that are not as widely known or commonly discussed. The reader will likely be challenged on many common notions regarding America and its place in the world community. Adding at times a starkly different perspective, the information in this book is an excellent supplement to other texts regarding the country's history.

The information in this book:

  • Arms the reader with powerful historical information with which to make well-informed conclusions on important matters of the day

  • Provides facts relating to America's standing with regards to weapons, weapons-of-mass-destruction, and national security

  • Adds a much-needed perspective on terrorism and international aggression

  • Clarifies connections between American democracy, capitalism, and the world economy

  • Places the United States in a realistic global context

  • References additional sources of related information

  • Suggests ideas for a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable America

    Notes on the State of America is particularly relevant to the times, and it is an immensely valuable guide for understanding current events and the modern world. The book is packed with information - a treat for both young and older readers. It is sure to prompt further learning, discussion, and debate.

  • About the Writer

    Craighton Gee is a consultant and executive for companies developing renewable energy and other environmentally clean technologies. He holds an engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and graduated at the top of his MBA class in International Business and Finance from the University of San Francisco.

    Mr. Gee has worked for a number of high technology companies, including multinational corporations. His interests include international business and trade, social ventures, finance, technology, and government. Mr. Gee has traveled internationally, and he has served locally on government commissions and as a consultant to public sector agencies. Mr. Gee has also worked with and supported various non-profit and community organizations. He is a third generation San Franciscan, and remains enamored with the Bay Area.

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